SOUTHERN PATAGONIA    8 days, 7 nights

El Calafate (2 nights)     Puerto Natales (2 nights)     Punta Arenas     Ushuaia (2 nights)

Free package extension : +2 days for return : Ushuaia     Río Gallegos     El Calafate

Forget the stress of everyday life, take a little break to spend a few days in fabulous landscapes !

The Southern Patagonia is a world apart, magical, where nature reigns supreme and offers some of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet, with its majestic mountains at the end of the Andean Cordillera, the Strait of Magellan and the Patagonian steppe that leads to the “end of world city” Ushuaia.


  • The Perito Moreno, the glacier that goes forward and shatters under your eyes…

  • Full day boat excursion on Lake Argentino in the midst of giant icebergs to huge glaciers Upsala & Spegazzini

  • Happy hour in the Glaciobar (-10°C=14°F), with special clothing and footwear…

  • Sporty off-road excursion to Balcones de El Calafate, offering a great panoramic view to Cerro Huyliche and El Calafate

  • Torres del Paine National Park, a paradise for trekking, fauna and flora observation and photography. 

  • Walk on the Costanera, in Punta Arenas, at the edge of the Strait of Magellan, which the greatest navigators challenged with their boats to access posterity

  • Fantastic drive in a no man´s land to the “end of world city” Ushuaia

  • Tierra del Fuego National park, the most southern park on the planet and the only one in Argentina with a combination of mountains, forest and sea.



Comfortable single, double, twin or triple suites or apartments with breakfast included and personalized customer service

Charming Hotels, Spas and Resorts in quiet and lovely areas, preferably surrounded by nature



Patagonia is known as a land of explorers, navigators and adventurers, but it is historically the land of the Amerindians. Since the first traces of human civilization around 35,000 BC, several tribes inhabited the region, mainly between 12,000 and 8,000 BC : the Picunches (the largest Mapuche community of that time), the Huilliches and Chonos in central Patagonia; the Onas, the Yagans and the Alacufes in southern Patagonia; and the Mánekenkes who lived in Tierra del Fuego for 10,000 years. In the Andes, these populations hunted guanacos, llamas, rheas and two extinct species : the mylodons (big bears with camelid heads) and hippidion horses. On the coast, they lived fishing on lenga bark canoes and also fed on Lhao-Lhao mushrooms.

After the discovery of the strait linking the Pacific and Atlantic oceans by the Portuguese navigator Fernando de Magellan in 1520, Patagonia became the scene of conflicts between the Mapuche Indians and the Spanish colonizers led by Pedro de Valdivia, who died in 1553, a year before the Mapuches of the chief Lautaro win the battle of Marihueñu. The Mapuches reconquered most of Araucania but the clashes continued until the nineteenth century, without, however, harming the progressive evangelization of Amerindians.



While enjoying fantastic landscapes, we can also feast on delicious local gastronomy !



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