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Founder & CEO

Dream Sports Adventure

Our  story

Founded by Yvan Bernardin, French, born in 1968.

Since 1996, Yvan is based in São Paulo, Brazil,

but travels around the world, mainly between Europe and Latin America thanks to his consulting activity with European companies  wishing to develop the Latin   American markets.

In this context, he has organized many professional events, but also adventure trips for his customers,    friends and relatives, gaining a real expertise in this area.

Naturally curious & an adventure lover, Yvan decided to share his passion for outdoor events mixing sports & culture.

Our  concept

Our Story
Concept & Values

The concept of Dream Sports Adventure is to combine sport & culture through outdoor events & adventure traveling, ensuring safe conditions &  dreaming locations.

The objective is not to push one´s limits in sport but to indulge in the sporting effort and the discovery of diverse places, generally rich of a history and a strong cultural identity.

Adrenaline and new horizons, one of the best cocktails that life can offer you !

Our  values

Safety and reliability

These are the number one criteria. Adventure always involves risks and our role is to anticipate them in order to avoid them, or to know how to face unforeseen situations (accident,...) under the best conditions in the best delays. We provide specific insurance depending on the event, and we bring the “pharmacy kit” adapted to the environment in which we will evolve.


Premium Quality

Our outdoor events are designed to bring dreams to our customers. To achieve this goal, we must have the experience of events and original ideas, but also know the best local partners (accommodation, transportation,...), have a flawless organization, communicate well with the participants to give them confidence in the face of possible difficulties or coach them in the effort... At least, this is what we demand of ourselves, our guides and our instructors.


Customer satisfaction

You are our first prescription relay ! We show availability and sense of listening to develop the product of your dreams and then organize it as close to your expectations, in order to deliver the product you have bought. We discuss with you the pros and cons of different alternatives. We are at your disposal for the duration of the event to solve all situations. 

We work in this state of mind.

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