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BONITO & PANTANAL    6 days, 5 nights

Campo Grande  ↠  Bonito (3 nights)  ↠  Pantanal (2 nights)  ↠  Campo Grande


Forget the stress of everyday life, take a little break to spend a few days in fabulous landscapes !

Two nature sanctuaries, with unique beauty and biodiversity in the world, located 130 km away from each other...


Bonito is an ecotourism center whose main attractions are the natural landscapes, the dives with mask and snorkel in rivers of transparent waters, the waterfalls, the caves and dolines. In 2.5 days (3 nights), you will enjoy the best activities offered in Bonito, with accommodation in a comfortable pousada, with nice garden and swimming pool.


World Natural Heritage and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, the Pantanal National Park has the richest fauna and flora in South America. But it is by entering the interior of the Pantanal lands that one discovers all its wealth, all its beauty and the countless good surprises it reserves for its visitors. This is what we offer with this immersion of 2 full days (2 nights) in a comfortable hotel-fazenda in the heart of the Pantanal. There, you will practice various exciting activities to better discover the fauna and flora of the region, an amazing life experience in the Pantanal mode that will remain engraved in your memory for ever...





* Snorkeling in a crystal-clear aquarium, with the feeling of flying among fish, animals and underwater plants

* Birdwatching in amazing places like Buraco das Araras

* Buoy or rafting descent on the river, adrenaline and fun in a wonderful natural environment

* Smooth hikes and beautiful waterfalls amid lush nature

* The Blue Lake Cave, a postcard from Bonito : intensely blue waters and beautiful speleothems from thousands of years

* 92m negative abseiling in Boca da Onça (optional), maximum adrenaline...




* Observation of South America's richest fauna and flora

* Day safari (4x4) to discover the wildlife and the beautiful plains of the Pantanal

* Night safari to observe and listen to night wildlife, focus on alligators…

* Horse or carriage ride, a pleasant, peaceful and safe way to immerse yourself in the exuberant nature of the Pantanal

* Kayak or motorboat ride on the river to discover the riverside vegetation, get closer to the wildlife...

* Cattle handling, to become a cowboy for a few hours, a pride forever

* Immersion in the life of the Pantaneiros, another unforgettable experience...

Route Map

Route Map

MAPA - Itinerário CGR-Bonito-Pantanal-CGR (3).png


















Campo Grande A - Bonito B + Activity around Bonito (330 km)

Activities around Bonito (80 km)

Activities around Bonito (60 km)

Bonito - Hotel-Fazenda in Pantanal C (245 km) + Activity in Pantanal

Activities in Pantanal

Activity in Pantanal + Hotel-Fazenda in Pantanal - Campo Grande A (195 km)