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CHAPADA DIAMANTINA    6 days, 5 nights

Salvador Airport (SSA)  ↠  Lençóis (5 nights)  ↠  Salvador Airport (SSA)


Forget the stress of everyday life, take a little break to spend a few days in fabulous landscapes !

The Chapada Diamantina is the most famous of the 7 chapadas of Brazil, for its beauty, its variety of landscapes, its great biodiversity and its unique endemisms. In the center of the State of Bahia, it forms the northern part of the Espinhaço mountain range, with 38,000 km² and 58 municipalities. Part of the caatinga biome, with some of its highest elevations (above 500 meters), it features cerrado vegetation made up of rocky plains, dry forests, and caatinga desert vegetation. Huge canyons with brownish rivers and waterfalls, caves, mountains,... And many trails that were once used by miners in search of diamonds, at the origin of the discovery of this extraordinary region.

Our self driving tour explores most of the magnificent natural sites of Chapada Diamantina, with the charming colonial town of Lençóis as a base for accommodation to enjoy our excursion program in this ecoturism paradise.



* Take advantage of the variety of ecotourism activities offered by Chapada Diamantina, between waterfalls, caves, natural pools, hikes,...
* Climb to the top of
Morro do Pai Inácio, for the breathtaking 360º view and let the locals tell the story of the slave Pai Inácio.
* Bathe in the
Poço Azul, preferably at lunchtime, when the daylight penetrates to the bottom of the cave and makes its blue waters even more beautiful.
* Relax in the pretty
natural pools of the Rio Roncador and listen to the snore of the river that gave it its name.

* Hike at the bottom of a canyon (ex: Cachoeira do Sossego) or on the ridges overlooking a canyon (ex: Cachoeira da Fumaça), the rock faces are impressive and the waterfalls are beautiful
* Take a canoe trip with the quilombolas in the calm waters of the
Marimbus do Pantanal, in a beautiful natural environment.
* Also enjoy
Lençóis, its welcoming inhabitants, its pretty lively streets, its good restaurants, its craft shops,...

Route Map

Route Map

M - Road trip Chapada 2.png
M - Chapada en Amsud.png


Having Lençóis as the sole accommodation base, the 10 activities can be organized in a different order, or even be partially replaced by others that would better meet your specific expectations. The program presented here varies the types of activities and optimizes transfers, but it remains open to any changes, including due to bad weather conditions, which our local guide will inform you in advance to adapt the program with you.







Salvador Airport (SSA) - Poço Azul - Lençóis (517 km by car)

Lençóis - Poço do Diabo - Morro do Pai Inácio - Gruta Pratinha - Gruta Lapa Doce - Lençóis (140 km by car)

Lençóis - Cachoeira do Sossego - Ribeirão do Meio - Lençóis (5-6 hrs hiking) OR Lençóis - Cachoeira da Fumaça - Lençóis (140 km by car + 4 hrs hiking)

Lençóis - Marimbus do Pantanal - Piscinas naturais do Rio Roncador - Lençóis (80 km by car)

Lençóis - Cachoeira do Mosquito - Parque Municipal de Muritiba - Lençóis (60 km by car) 

Lençóis - Salvador Airport (SSA) (420 km by car)


But having an accredited local guide during the whole road trip in the Chapada Diamantina can be very useful :

* He/she guides you everywhere, by car or by foot in the attractions, as he/she knows perfectly the activity sites, the best points of view,... You will not lose time or get lost on the dirt roads of the Chapada Diamantina where wifi, 3G and 4G are hardly present except hotels and restaurants.

* He/she is permanently at your disposition, speaks Portuguese and, if necessary, English. He/she takes care of check-in and check-out in hotels, restaurant orders, and pays the entrance fees to the natural sites.

* He/she knows all the service providers in the area and can activate them quickly if necessary (emergency aid,...).

* He/she can drive your car if you want to rest and enjoy the scenery more. 
* Last but not least... He/she will tell you a lot about the Chapada Diamantina, its geology, its legends, its culture and traditions,...


* The guide-coordinator is in the assistance vehicle, bringing all the advantages mentioned above.

* The assistance vehicle opens the convoy and carries the first aid kit, any excess luggage,... and basic accessories (rope...) in case your car gets stuck in sand or mud.

* In the event of a breakdown or incident on your vehicle, the assistance vehicle can go in search of help or take all or part of the occupants of your vehicle to the next town or stage.


BUT... If you prefer adventure in a small closed group (not alone) and you speak the language of the country, you can do without a guide and assistance vehicle. You will have maps and GPS in the car, the same advanced logistics (vehicle rental, hotels,...), and a 24-hour hotline to resolve any unforeseen event.

Day by day program

Day by Day Program

D6 - Chapada - Poço Azul 2.png

Day 1

• Meeting point at Salvador Airport (SSA), to collect the rental vehicles.

• Transfer to the Poço Azul, in Nova Redenção (422 km, 6h aprox.). Lunch on the way. 

• Visit of the Poço Azul, and refreshing bath in the blue waters at the bottom of the cave.

• Transfer to Lençóis (95 km, 1h40)

• Check-in at the hotel. Dinner in Lençóis.

In case of late departure from Salvador Airport, the visit to Poço Azul can be done on the way back to Salvador Airport on the last day.

CHECK LIST for your travel baggage

• Appropriate outdoor clothing 

• Efficient repellent                                                          

• Etc...

-> Will be shared with the participants

YOUR RENTAL CAR : 4x4 or 4x2 or SUV

Power 1.6 / 1.8
Automatic steering (preferably or manual otherwise)
Air conditioning 

Centralized closures
Free mileage
Theft / accident / civil

liability insurance

V - Jeep Renegade.jpg

Until then inhabited by Indians, the region was invaded in the 17th century by Portugueses and blacks, 


Hist. - Garimpeiros em Lençóis 2.png

who created agricultural farms and quilombo communities. But the history of Chapada Diamantina is closely linked to the mineral exploration that began later...



Comfortable single, double, twin or triple suites or apartments with breakfast included and personalized customer service

Charming Hotels, Pousadas and Resorts in quiet and lovely areas, preferably surrounded by nature

Local Gastronomy

Local Gastronomy

While enjoying fantastic landscapes, we can also feast on delicious local gastronomy !