NORTHERN ANDES    8 days, 7 nights

San Pedro de Atacama  ↠  Tilcara  ↠  La Quiaca  ↠  Salar de Uyuni 

↠  San Juan  ↠  Laguna Colorada  ↠  San Pedro de Atacama


Forget the stress of everyday life, take a little break to spend a few days in fabulous landscapes !

8 days of total change of scenery on the heights of the Altiplano, at the crossroads of 3 countries : Chile, Argentina, Bolivia.

Varied landscapes, sometimes lunar, sometimes multicolored, always wild and of incredible beauty. Constantly, we have a bright blue sky, the sun which warms us during the day and the restful silence of the Altiplano.

We ride at the foot of majestic volcanoes covered with eternal snow peaking at more than 5000 meters above sea level, along colorful lagoons where flamingos pose for us, while llamas and guanacos observe us in the distance ! 

We truly believe that we are on another planet, where nature, wild and extraordinarily beautiful, reigns supreme...


* The Salar de Uyuni, the largest, the most beautiful, the flattest, the most transparent, superlatives are missing to describe the "sky mirror"...
* The
Chilean Altiplano, exceptional setting of volcanoes and lagoons
* The Quebrada de Humahuaca, living heart of the Andean civilization, with its typical villages, its imperturbable natives, its ruins and its mountain with 7 colors, ...
* The ascents and descents in laces between the valleys and the Altiplano, with very changing landscapes and temperatures
* Walk and dine in
San Pedro de Atacama
* Stop in typical towns and villages to soak up their sweet atmosphere, discover local habits and customs, meet locals, ... return to civilization !
* Sleep in
Salt Hotels, including a luxurious one in the middle of Salar de Uyuni
* Sleep in a
Hotel Refuge at 4400 meters above sea level in Laguna Colorada
* Attend the sunrise spectacle on the
Geysers of Sol de la Mañana at an altitude of 4850 meters
* Take a bath in
Thermal waters at 30ºC at 3300 meters above sea level


Route Map













D1    Calama A - San Pedro de Atacama B (101 km)

D2    San Pedro de Atacama - Tilcara C (436 km)

D3    Tilcara - Iruya D - La Quiaca E (296 km)

D4    La Quiaca - Uyuni F (330 km)

D5    Uyuni - San Juan G (300 km)

D6    San Juan - Laguna Colorada H (260 km)

D7    Laguna Colorada - S.P. Atacama  (260 km)

D8    San Pedro de Atacama - Calama  (101 km)


* The guide-coordinator is permanently at your disposition.

* He/she speaks several languages, including necessarily English and the language of the country, this can be very helpful if you do not master it enough.
* He/
she knows the route and stops at the best points of view. 

* If necessary, he/she activates external services (insurance, mechanical repair, rescue,...).
* He/
she takes care of check-in and check-out in hotels, restaurant orders, tourist sites entrance fees,...

* In the event of a puncture or a simple problem on the vehicle, he/she is the first to roll up his/her sleeves !
* Last but not least... He/
she tells you about the country, the regions crossed, or even the places visited (when there is no local professional guide).


* The guide-coordinator is in the assistance vehicle, bringing all the advantages mentioned above.

* The assistance vehicle opens the convoy and carries the first aid kit, any excess luggage,... and basic accessories (rope...) in case your car gets stuck in sand or mud.

* In the event of a breakdown or incident on your vehicle, the assistance vehicle can go in search of help or take all or part of the occupants of your vehicle to the next town or stage.


BUT... If you prefer adventure in a small closed group (not alone) and you speak the language of the country, you can do without a guide and assistance vehicle. You will have maps and GPS in the car, the same advanced logistics (vehicle rental, hotels,...), and a 24-hour hotline to resolve any unforeseen event.