LENÇÓIS MARANHENSES    4 days, 3 nights

Santo Amaro ↠ Queimada dos Britos Oasis ↠ Baixa Grande Oasis ↠ Atins

   3 days of trekking through the desert, across the lagoons too!

   2 to 8 hours the 1st day (according to your wishes, because the 4x4 or quad drops you with your local guide wherever you want), 3 to 4 hours the 2nd day, same as the 3rd day to the ocean. With breaks for photos or swimming in the lagoons...

   No real ascents or descents, just dunes covered with a thin layer of sand which does not even burn the soles of the feet, being swept all year round by wind ! So no particular difficulty, everyone can do it with minimal physical preparation.

   And everyone loves, it's a total change of scenery, it's so incredibly beautiful...

   The natives welcome tourists in a very simple but so pleasant way at the oases.

   The 4th day in Atins, this corner of paradise wedged between the desert and the ocean, is wonderful to rest, to enjoy a good restaurant,...

   Put this trekking in your agenda, you will love it!


* The exceptional beauty, the colors, the infinity, the silence that characterize the Lençóis Maranhenses desert. Trekking in this setting is the best...

* Swimming in the freshwater lagoons, whose color, transparency, clarity and mild temperature 
* The smile, the joy, the kindness and the dedication of the natives in the oases and the fishermen in their hut near the beach

* The very good food of Dona Fernanda (Queimada dos Britos oasis) and Peter & Maria Restaurant (Atins)

* The sunset over the desert and the lagoons, from the top of the dunes, like a ritual one never gets tired of

* Atins, comfort after physical effort : a meal of fish and seafood on the beach, a comfortable night in a pousada,...

* The extras included in the package : 4x4 and/or quad in the desert, speedboat from Atins to Barreirinhas,...

* São Luis do Maranhão and Alcântara, if you have time for a visit...

Forget the stress of everyday life, take a little break to spend a few days in fabulous landscapes !


Hiking Route









São Luis do Maranhão A - Santo Amaro B (by van/bus)

+ Santo Amaro - Queimada dos Britos (by 4x4 & hiking)

Queimada dos Britos - Baixa Grande (by hiking)

Baixa Grande - Atins (by hiking & 4x4)

Atins - Barreirinhas (by speedboat

+ Barreirinhas C - São Luis do Maranhão A (by van/bus)







Specs & Program




Max. altitude

Min. altitude

32 kms (average)

177 m

186 m

31 m

- 20 m

Average time

Hiking category

Level of difficulty

Groupe size 

Minimum age

11 hrs (average)

Desert walk



4 - 12 hikers

10 years

D0 - São Luis do Maranhão vista aérea.jp

Day 0

• Transfer to São Luis do Maranhão airport (SLZ).

• If day flight : Accommodation in a hotel close to the airport (NOT included).

• If night flight : Waiting at the airport (rest area, restaurant)


• Appropriate outdoor clothing and hiking shoes

• Etc...

-> Will be shared with the participants


Mandatory rapid pharmacy test before leaving (any participant tested positive will have to give up automatically and will be compensated up to 70%)

Temperature measurement at the start and finish of each activity

Mandatory mask wearing for all contact outside of the group

Mandatory use of hydroalcoholic gel for all contact outside of the group


The Lençóis Maranhenses National Park was created on lands belonging to the Union through Decree No. 86.060, issued on June 2, 1981 by the Presidency of the Republic.

Located in the Lençóis Maranhenses Microregion, on the northeast coast of the State of Maranhão, with a perimeter of 270 km and 156 584 hectares of area, the park is inserted in the coastal marine biome, with mangrove, sandbank and dune ecosystems. 



While discovering exceptional cities and landscapes, we can also feast on delicious local gastronomy !


Customer Reviews

Alejandra G. (Mexican, 42) : 

"The trekking across the Lençóis is a unique experience, a personal journey, admiring landscapes unmatched in the world. The experience of seeing the oasis in the distance after hours of walking and sleeping in a hammock in the middle of nature is priceless. Thanks Yvan for organizing the tour."

Jiaxing W. (Chinese, 24) :

"It's an amazing trip. I am new to trekking so I was not really prepared, but you helped me a lot. I loved the trek route, and I am grateful that a 4x4 picked us up from the beach on the 3rd day to reach Atins : very few people would be able to cover this distance. The food and accommodation in the oases is good, but one was better than the other. Walking in socks in the sand during the trek is a good idea. I also appreciated having someone for the translation, as I do not speak Portuguese. After this trekking experience, I want to start over. It opened a new door for me. Thank you for your organization and your pleasant company !"

Xiomeng C. (Chinese, 43) :

"It is a unique place on earth : desert and lagoons, in a perfect combination. This desert also has some oases that give it life. We crossed the Lençóis Maranhenses in 3 days, it was an unforgettable experience for us, despite the strong wind lifting the thin layer of sand. We walked barefoot on the soft sand, with that hot dry air, keeping ourselves hydrated continuously. But we marvel at the surrounding beauty and enjoy swimming in these amazing lagoons. In the evening, after a beautiful sunset, we rest in magnificent oases, we appreciate the delicious meals of the natives, we can even observe the Milky Way in the sky. Undoubtedly a highlight of my adventure travels."


Prices 2021 & Conditions


Supplement for Single suite (Atins)

R$ 2.800 ≃ $ 510


R$    155 ≃ $   30

* Fixed prices established in R$ (Brazilian Reais) with simulation in US$ at Febr. ´21 average rate

** Payment by credit card up to 4 monthly payments for Non Brazilian accounts (via Paypal), OR up to 6 monthly payments for Brazilian accounts

*** Discount 5% for immediate payment by bank transfer directly to our account

The invoice for your purchase will be sent to you instantly by e-mail.


  • All activities inside the program

  • All transport inside the program (van, 4x4, quad, speedboat, bus)

  • Accomodation with breakfast

  • Lunch Day 2 and Dinner Day 1/2

  • Non bilingual native guide for the 3 days trekking

Not Included

  • Flight ticket to/from SLZ

  • Picnic/lunch Day 1/3/4 & Dinner Day 3

  • Personal equipment for trekking

  • Personal expenses

  • Private insurance


Rescheduling or Cancellation by Customer

Rescheduling (according to availability) :

- Free of charge up to 45 days before the start of your package

- With 25% increase less than 45 days before the start of your package

Cancellation :

- Refund of 50% up to 45 days before the start of your package

- No refund less than 45 days before the start of your package

Rescheduling or Cancellation by Dream Sports Adventure

Dream Sports Adventure reserves the right to cancel the package in case of insufficient registration, force majeure or any other valid reason, and in such circumstances will propose to reschedule according to availabilities or to fully refund the packages already purchased, without however giving entitlement to compensation.