LENÇÓIS MARANHENSES    4 days, 3 nights

Santo Amaro ↠ Queimada dos Britos Oasis Baixa Grande Oasis Atins

Forget the stress of everyday life, take a little break to spend a few days in fabulous landscapes !

   3 days of trekking through the desert, across the lagoons too!

   2 to 8 hours the 1st day (according to your wishes, because the 4x4 or quad drops you with your local guide wherever you want), 3 to 4 hours the 2nd day, same as the 3rd day to the ocean. With breaks for photos or swimming in the lagoons...

   No real ascents or descents, just dunes covered with a thin layer of sand which does not even burn the soles of the feet, being swept all year round by wind ! So no particular difficulty, everyone can do it with minimal physical preparation.

   And everyone loves, it's a total change of scenery, it's so incredibly beautiful...

   The natives welcome tourists in a very simple but so pleasant way at the oases.

   The 4th day in Atins, this corner of paradise wedged between the desert and the ocean, is wonderful to rest, to enjoy a good restaurant,...

   Put this trekking in your agenda, you will love it!


* The exceptional beauty, the colors, the infinity, the silence that characterize the Lençóis Maranhenses desert. Trekking in this setting is the best...

* Swimming in the freshwater lagoons, whose color, transparency, clarity and mild temperature 
* The smile, the joy, the kindness and the dedication of the natives in the oases and the fishermen in their hut near the beach

* The very good food of Dona Fernanda (Queimada dos Britos oasis) and Peter & Maria Restaurant (Atins)

* The sunset over the desert and the lagoons, from the top of the dunes, like a ritual one never gets tired of

* Atins, comfort after physical effort : a meal of fish and seafood on the beach, a comfortable night in a pousada,...

* The extras included in the package : 4x4 and/or quad in the desert, speedboat from Atins to Barreirinhas,...

* São Luis do Maranhão and Alcântara, if you have time for a visit...










São Luis do Maranhão A - Santo Amaro B (by van/bus)

+ Santo Amaro - Queimada dos Britos (by 4x4 & hiking)

Queimada dos Britos - Baixa Grande (by hiking)

Baixa Grande - Atins (by hiking & 4x4)

Atins - Barreirinhas (by speedboat) 

+ Barreirinhas C - São Luis do Maranhão A (by van/bus)






Oases of Queimada dos Britos and Baixa Grande : Accomodation in native homestay, overnight in hammock under the collective canopy, with meals on site

Atins : Accommodation in single/double room suite in a comfortable and charming pousada, by the beach, with breakfast



The Lençóis Maranhenses National Park was created on lands belonging to the Union through Decree No. 86.060, issued on June 2, 1981 by the Presidency of the Republic.

Located in the Lençóis Maranhenses Microregion, on the northeast coast of the State of Maranhão, with a perimeter of 270 km and 156 584 hectares of area, the park is inserted in the coastal marine biome, with mangrove, sandbank and dune ecosystems. Lençóis Maranhenses open approximately 90,000 hectares of free dunes and freshwater lagoons, in addition to large areas of sandbank and the ocean coast. The strip of dunes advances, from 5 to 25 km from the coast towards the interior. In the region is the source of the Preguiças River, which crosses the parks until its mouth in the Atlantic Ocean.

The climate is dry sub-humid, with an average annual temperature of 26°C. Despite the desert appearance of the park area, the region's climate has two seasons: a rainy one from January to July, and a dry one from August to December. The rains (1600mm / year) contribute to the control of the concentration of the region and the formation of lagoons.

The lagoons in the park are often interconnected, like the rivers that flow through the area and are home to several species of fish and insects, including traíra, which hides in the wet layers of mud and remains dormant during the dry season.

The park is home to four species listed as endangered : guarás (Eudocimus ruber), neotropical otters (Otter longicaudis), wild cat (Leopardus tigrinus) and manatees (Trichechus manatus). The park also has 133 species of plants, 112 species of birds and at least 42 species of reptiles. 

The park entrance is about 260 km from the State capital, São Luís, on the banks of the Preguiças river, through 272 km of paved roads to Barreirinhas (BR-135 and BR-402 highways, the Translitorânea). From Barreirinhas, the park area is acessed through the Preguiças river, via speedboats on a 1h20 journey to the mouth of the river in Atins. Barreirinhas has an aerodrome for small aircraft, receiving charter flights from São Luís, which is around 50 minutes long. Other options for accessing the park by the road include Humberto de Campos, Primeira Cruz, Santo Amaro do Maranhão and Paulino Neves, municipalities from which it is also possible to visit the park.

The Lençóis Maranhenses National Park was the setting for the movie "Casa de Areia" (with the famous Brazilian actress Fernanda Montenegro), an episode of the survival reality show "Largados e Pelados" (by Discovery Channel), and the movies "Os Filmes Avengers : Infinity War" and "Avengers : Endgame"(2019).





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