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Forget the stress of everyday life, take a little break to spend a few days in fabulous landscapes !

Except some short climbs near Geneva, the ViaRhôna Bike Tour is on flat ground and low altitude, quite exclusively on paved roads (cycle lanes, shared lanes and some secondary roads), with few passages on dirt roads or paths, usually in forest or on towpaths along the river, very practicable in VTC, making the journey even more exciting.

All along the adventure, you will enjoy the comfort and security of a structured organization led by an experienced cycling guide, possibly assisted by an SLV and its driver if you choose this option.

The ViaRhôna Bike Tour is therefore on a variable scale, organized according to your desires, your vacation availability and your physical condition :

- 3 days : You start from the stage of your choice and cycle through 3 stages in a row. The total mileage will depend on the stages, to be checked directly with us.

- 6 days : You start from the stage of your choice and cycle through 6 stages in a row. The total mileage will depend on the stages, to be checked directly with us.

- 10 days : You cycle through the entire Viarhona, from Geneva to Sète (750 km) or vice versa, at a medium-high pace (75 km/day on average) and without a day of rest in the middle. 

- 13 days : You cycle through the entire Viarhona, from Geneva to Sète (750 km) or vice versa, at a moderate pace (62,5 km/day on average) and with a day of rest in the middle.

The best time to cycle the Viarhona is from April to June and September-October.

Cycling level required

Average cyclist to 

Good cyclist

Difficulty level

No particular technical difficulties

Close Up of Road Bike

Average distance per day

62.5 km/day to 75 km/day

(not including biking city tours)

Average Speed

≈ 12 km/h to 20 km/h

Check here the altimetry and distance day by day !

Route Map

Route Map

viarhona road map.png

THE BIKE GUIDE, very useful...

* The bike guide is responsible for leading and managing the group throughout the different stages of the ViaRhôna Tour. He will take you on city tours, cultural tours and wine tastings in a typical and authentic French atmosphere. For years, he has been cycling on ViaRhôna, which will prove very useful on sections where ViaRhôna signage is almost non-existent. Born in the region, he speaks several languages, including of course French and English.

* Leading the organization, your first interlocutor for any purpose.

* Permanently in contact with the SLV for any customer need (itinerary monitoring, small repairs, recovery of tired cyclist, supply point management...) if you have chosen the SLV option.

* Always with the group, he regulates cadence so that everyone can ride at his own pace.

* Guide of the group during the city bike tours to see what is most interesting without loss of time.


* The SLV follows the group on secondary roads, parallel to ViaRhôna paths, to provide all the necessary support to the group, for any case of emergency.

* It has 2 front seats for tired bikers giving up during a stage, the so-called voiture-balai (tail car) as it exists on the Tour de France.

* Last but not least… It will carry the wine you could purchase during tastings or visits in cellars along the ViaRhôna.


The SLV driver is in charge of :

* TAM (Transport - Assistance - Maintenance)

* Logistic (Hotel Check-in & Check-out - Lunch, Food & Beverage supply)

* Monitoring the itinerary (permanent contact with the bike guide)

* Repair & Maintenance












  • ​We will assume all the functions (or almost ...) of the SLV and its driver : each biker will carry his own travel bag on the luggage rack of the bicycle, we will buy our picnic in the morning, we will call directly the SAMU in case of emergency, we will repair our bikes (if necessary) by ourselves or in nearby repair shops.

  • And we won't have a tail car, so we'll have to cycle through all the stages.
    This is what most cyclists do on the ViaRhôna routes, so we can do it as well !



Premium quality accommodation in selected, nice and authentic hotels, with breakfast, good bedding and private bathroom.

What about an accomodation overlooking the river, literally by the water, giving the impression that you could almost dive into the water from your bed ?

What about a spacious and comfortable accomodation, furnished in the old-fashioned way, as did the dignitaries of the regime in the Middle Ages ?


Cycling Stages

Cycling Stages

Day after day, discover each stage of the ViaRhôna Bike Tour, through the lovely landscapes of the Rhône valley, the beautiful cities and typical towns, some great monuments and cultural sites to visit,...

And think no more : sign up to join us for this wonderful experience !!