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GREAT NORTHERN CHILE    8 days, 7 nights

Calama  ↠  San Pedro de Atacama (3 nights)  ↠  Ollagüe (1 night) 

↠  Colchane (1 night)  ↠  Putre (1 night)  ↠  Iquique (1 night)  ↠  Calama

Optional : + 2 days for a volcano ascent at 5000m altitude


Forget the stress of everyday life, take a little break to spend a few days in fabulous landscapes !

Our route starts and ends in Calama. 2485 kms in 8 days !
3 days around the Salar de Atacama to acclimatize to the altitude, discover the altiplano with its superb lagoons, its volcanoes, the Valley of the Moon for the sunset, the geysers of El Tatio for the sunrise, the hot springs of Puritama,... and visit the typical villages, including of course San Pedro de Atacama.
Then 3 days to drive across the altiplano to the north, between 3500 and 5000m above sea level, along the Bolivian border, to the majestic Parinacota volcano which is reflected in Chungará lake. The landscapes are spectacular, with (almost) nobody on the dirt roads, just wild animals looking at us like aliens.
Finally 2 days to descend from the atiplano and return by the Pacific coast, wild and swept by the waves.
A breathtaking mix, with a guaranteed change of scenery, for lovers of wide open spaces.



* San Pedro de Atacama, the Valley of the Moon, the lagoons and volcanoes of the altiplano above the Salar de Atacama, the geysers of El Tatio at sunrise
* The
long spectacular drives across the altiplano by dirt roads, with always more salars, lagoons and volcanoes competing in beauty, with the Parinacota volcano and the Chungará lake in apotheosis
* The
change of scenery, alone in the world with wild animals in the great natural spaces
* The
friendly welcome from the few locals crossed on the way
* The wild and rugged
North Pacific coast on the way back

Route Map

Route Map

13- Extrême Nord du Chili (carte).png

D1   Calama A - San Pedro de Atacama B (101 km)

D2   San Pedro – Mirador de Aguascalientes – San Pedro (308 km)

D3   San Pedro – Paso de Jama – Hot springs of Puritama – Valley of the Moon – San Pedro (376 km)

D4   San Pedro – Geysers of El Tatio - Ollagüe C (292 km)

D5   Ollagüe – Colchane D (303 km) 

D6   Colchane – Chungará lake – Putre E (268 km)

D7   Putre – Arica – Iquique F (451 km) 

D8   Iquique – Tocopilla – Calama A (384 km)


* The guide-coordinator is permanently at your disposition.

* He/she speaks several languages, including necessarily English and the language of the country, this can be very helpful if you do not master it enough.
* He/
she knows the route and stops at the best points of view. 

* If necessary, he/she activates external services (insurance, mechanical repair, rescue,...).
* He/
she takes care of check-in and check-out in hotels, restaurant orders, tourist sites entrance fees,...

* In the event of a puncture or a simple problem on the vehicle, he/she is the first to roll up his/her sleeves !
* Last but not least... He/
she tells you about the country, the regions crossed, or even the places visited (when there is no local professional guide).


* The guide-coordinator is in the assistance vehicle, bringing all the advantages mentioned above.

* The assistance vehicle opens the convoy and carries the first aid kit, any excess luggage,... and basic accessories (rope...) in case your car gets stuck in sand or mud.

* In the event of a breakdown or incident on your vehicle, the assistance vehicle can go in search of help or take all or part of the occupants of your vehicle to the next town or stage.


BUT... If you prefer adventure in a small closed group (not alone) and you speak the language of the country, you can do without a guide and assistance vehicle. You will have maps and GPS in the car, the same advanced logistics (vehicle rental, hotels,...), and a 24-hour hotline to resolve any unforeseen event.

Day by day program

Day by Day Program


Day 1

• Meeting point at Calama Airport (CJC), to pick up the rental vehicles.

• Transfer to San Pedro de Atacama, 1h15 on a nice paved road, with lunar landscapes on arrival.

• Check-in and rest at our hotel. 

• Late atfernoon walk in the charming town of San Pedro de Atacama, with dinner around the wood fireplace of a restaurant terrace.

CHECK LIST for your travel baggage

• Appropriate clothing for the dry climate and the high altitude of the altiplano                                                        

• Etc...

-> Will be shared with the participants

YOUR RENTAL CAR : 4x4 or 4x2 

Power 2.5 to 3.5
Automatic steering (preferably or manual otherwise)
Air conditioning 

Centralized closures
Free mileage
Theft / accident / civil

liability insurance


Constant guessing game on the altiplano of Great Northern Chile :

Is it a llama ?

Or an alpaca ?

Or a guanaco ?

Or a vicuña ? 
To differentiate these four animals from the camelid family, all originating from the Andes cordillera, there are small details to know...







Comfortable single, double or twin suites with breakfast included and personalized customer service

Charming Hotels, Pousadas and Lodges in quiet and lovely areas, preferably surrounded by nature

Local Gastronomy

Local Gastronomy

While enjoying fantastic landscapes, we can also feast on delicious local gastronomy !