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SOFIA - THESSALONIKI Bike Tour (29 August - 7 September 2024) 


SOFIA - THESSALONIKI    10 days, 9 nights

Sofia  ↠  Seven Rila Lakes  ↠  Rila Monastery  ↠  Pehchevo  ↠  Strumica  ↠  Kilkis   

↠  Thessaloniki  ↠  Epanomi Beach  ↠  Agia Triada Beach, Thessaloniki  

   530 km by bike in 8 days, or 66 km on average per day, so less than for our other routes, but the elevation gain in the first stages is significant ! Good physical preparation will therefore be required, but it remains cycle tourism, everyone at their own pace, with as many stops as necessary, if only to appreciate the sublime landscapes ! Good dinners and premium accommodation will compensate for the effort spent cycling during the day...
  The first 4 stages cross the southern Balkans, in Bulgaria and North Macedonia, in a magnificent rural and mountainous setting, with significant elevation changes and some highlights, such as the Seven Rila Lakes where you will stay in a lodge in the middle of the mountains to go for a morning hike in the most beautiful natural space in Bulgaria, before cycling by road to the no less exceptional Rila Monastery. The 5th and 6th stages cross the plains of northern Greece, through cultivated fields, lakes and forests, to reach the very lively Thessaloniki. And the last 2 stages, the shortest, form a loop in the magnificent Chalkidiki peninsula bordered by the Aegean Sea, with beaches and small coves to enjoy without moderation. Last night on the beach, in a 5* resort, like near the Rila Monastery on the 3rd evening !
  Stages with varied relief, amazing and contrasting natural landscapes, surprising towns (Sofia, Strumica, Kilkis, Thessaloniki, etc.), small typical villages with welcoming locals, interesting cultural visits, delicious local culinary specialties, etc. This is a complete program, with the guarantee of returning home in great shape, with a rested head, in fact full of good memories !


* The exceptional setting of greenery and mountains in the southern Balkans (in Bulgaria and North Macedonia)

* The two most exceptional sites in Bulgaria (outside Sofia) : The Seven Rila Lakes and the Rila Monastery

* The lakes, plains and small peaceful villages of northern Greece

* The relaxing 2-day tour on Chalcidiki peninsula
* The crossing of small towns and villages, in contact with quiet and welcoming natives
* The
Orthodox monasteries and churches with rich architecture and bright colors along the cycling route
* The capital
Sofia and the metropolis Thessaloniki, rich in history, monuments and architecture
* The gastronomy in the three countries, which really deserves to be known

Forget the stress of everyday life, take a little break to spend a few days in fabulous landscapes !

Route Map

Route Map

D0    Arrival in Sofia                                                    Bulgaria

D1    Sofia - Seven Rila Lakes (81 or 67 km)                   " 

D2    Seven Rila Lakes - Rila Monastery (77 or 63 km)  "

D3    Rila Monastery - Pehchevo (93 km)         North Macedonia

D4    Pehchevo - Strumica (63 km)                                 "

D5    Strumica - Kilkis (81 km)                                    Greece

D6    Kilkis - Thessaloniki (55 km)                                   "

D7    Thessaloniki - Epanomi Beach (47 km)                 "

D8    Epanomi Beach - Agia Triada Beach (31 km)       "

D9    Leaving Thessaloniki                                              "

D1-D8 via 7 Rila Lakes.png


* The bike guide is responsible for leading and managing the group throughout the different stages of the Bike Tour. He/she speaks several languages, including English.

* He/she is your first interlocutor for all subjects related to cycling (itinerary monitoring, small repairs,...).

* He/she carries the first aid kit and, if necessary, activates external services (insurance, mechanical repair, rescue,...).

* Always with the group, he/she regulates cadence so that everyone arrives at the end of the stage. But each one is free to ride with the group or solo, to meet the group later in the day or in the evening at the hotel.

* He/she facilitates check-in and check-out in hotels, restaurant orders, border crossing procedures, access to tourist sites.

THE RENTED BIKE, with accessories and adapted to your route 

Our rental bike package includes : 

* Touring Bike adapted to your route (Premium brands, according to

availability : Drag, Bianchi, Dynamics, KTM, Raymon Touring 5.0,...) 

with rear rack to attach panniers

* 40L Rear Panniers (2 x 20L Panniers)

* Helmet

* Bike Lock

* Repair Kit, Spare Tubes, Pump & Tools

* Take the bike in Sofia and leave the bike in Thessaloniki

OBS. : If you intend to bring your own bike, please let us know and Dream Sports Adventure will compensate you for the value of the bike rental, noting however that the transport (air, trail,...) of your bike requires special packaging and can easily cost more.

F - Touring bike 2.jpg