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JALAPÃO PARK    6 days, 5 nights

Palmas (1 night)  ↠  Ponte Alta do Tocantins (1 night) 

↠  Mateiros (2 nights)  ↠  São Felix do Tocantins (1 night)  ↠  Palmas


Forget the stress of everyday life, take a little break to spend a few days in fabulous landscapes !

Little known, the Jalapão region, in Tocantins, is a set of five conservation units, including a state park, and has 34,000 km². The scenery is one of the most exuberant in Brazil : crystalline waterfalls, emerald green natural pools, plateaus and orange dunes up to 40m high.

Our self driving tour is a loop in the Jalapão Park, which begins and ends in Palmas, the capital of Tocantins, and stops in pretty hotel-pousadas or lodges in the 3 main towns within the Jalapão Park : Ponte Alta do Tocantins to the south, Mateiros to the east and São Felix do Tocantins to the north.
All the notable activities of the Jalapão Park are included in the program, a total of 15 in 6 days, in particular the 7 main "fervedouros", the most remarkable natural phenomenon that can be observed in this region.



* Swimming, floating and snorkeling in the "fervedouros". Try to sink and feel the pressure of the water that brings you to the surface so quickly ! Unique sensations in the middle of lush vegetation...

* Sunrise from the top of Serra do Espirito Santo, overlooking the valleys and the dunes of Jalapão, after a steep climb of 30mn, illuminated by headlamps 

* Sunsets at the Pedra Furada and over the Jalapão dunes, when the beautiful surrounding landscapes change color in a few minutes

*"Mystical" walk in the small Canyon of Sussuapara

* Rafting at Velha waterfall (optional) 

* Refreshing swim in the crystalline waterfalls of RoncadeiraFormiga and Ararás

* At least one night at Jalapão Ecolodge...

Route Map

Route Map

MAPA - Roteiro completo (EN).png
MAPA - Jalapão en Amsud.png











D1   Arrival in Palmas A (20 km)

D2   Palmas - Ponte Alta do Tocantins B (215 km)

D3   Ponte Alta do Tocantins - Mateiros C (235 km)

D4   Activities around Mateiros (110 km)

D5   Mateiros - São Felix do Tocantins D (134 km) 

D6   São Felix do Tocantins - Palmas A (247 km)

MAPA - Região Mateiros (EN).png



It is compulsory to have a local accredited guide (holder of a professional badge) to acess certain attractions, for example the dunes of Jalapão and the Serra do Espirito Santo, for which a local accredited guide is already included in your package.

But having an accredited local guide during the whole road trip in Jalapão Park can be very useful :

* He/she guides you everywhere, by car or by foot in the attractions, as he/she knows perfectly the activity sites, the best points of view,... You will not lose time or get lost on the dirt roads of Jalapão Park where wifi, 3G and 4G are hardly present except hotels and restaurants.

* He/she is permanently at your disposition, speaks Portuguese and, if necessary, English. He/she takes care of check-in and check-out in hotels, restaurant orders, and pays the entrance fees to the natural sites.

* He/she knows all the service providers in the area and can activate them quickly if necessary (emergency aid,...).

* He/she can drive your car if you want to rest and enjoy the scenery more. 
* Last but not least... He/she will tell you a lot about the Jalapão Park, the fervedouros,...


* The guide-coordinator is in the assistance vehicle, bringing all the advantages mentioned above.

* The assistance vehicle opens the convoy and carries the first aid kit, any excess luggage,... and basic accessories (rope...) in case your car gets stuck in sand or mud.

* In the event of a breakdown or incident on your vehicle, the assistance vehicle can go in search of help or take all or part of the occupants of your vehicle to the next town or stage.


BUT... If you prefer adventure in a small closed group (not alone) and you speak the language of the country, you can do without a guide and assistance vehicle. You will have maps and GPS in the car, the same advanced logistics (vehicle rental, hotels,...), and a 24-hour hotline to resolve any unforeseen event.

Day by day program

Day by Day Program

D1 - Palmas 2.jpg

Day 1

• Meeting point at Palmas Intl Airport (PLW), to collect the rental vehicles.

• Transfer to our hotel in Palmas, for check-in and rest. 

• City-tour by car and dinner downtown.

CHECK LIST for your travel baggage

• Appropriate outdoor clothing 

• Efficient repellent                                                          

• Etc...

-> Will be shared with the participants

YOUR RENTAL CAR : 4x4 or 4x2 or SUV

Power 1.6 / 1.8
Automatic steering (preferably or manual otherwise)
Air conditioning 

Centralized closures
Free mileage
Theft / accident / civil

liability insurance

V - Jeep Renegade.jpg

Fervedouros are sources of underground rivers that, generally, do not have space for water drainage and, therefore, form a kind of natural pool.The pressure exerted by the water gushing from the groundwater allows people to float all the time.


D5 - Ferv. Buritizinho 2.jpg